How do you find the Best Plumber?

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10 Signs Of A Good Plumber

How do you know that the plumber you’re hiring is actually knowledgeable and trustworthy? There are a few indications of a true professional. When it comes to plumbers, they have the intricate task of installing and even sometimes mending pipes, some home appliances as well as fixtures that are utilized to regulate sewage, drainage, and even your drinking water. There are a few telltale signs of a good plumber; let’s go over 10 of them.

Licensing and proper certification:

A proper state license is a requirement for plumbing professionals in all 50 states. Plumbers are considered to be individuals with vast knowledge of piping, sewage removal, and septic tanks. Although there are varied requirements to obtain this certification between states, plumbers are generally expected to have expert knowledge of the aforementioned subjects as well as possess the ability to pass all state-standardized tests.


The most important telltale for a good plumber is their experience. A reputable plumber will have gone through multiple years of an apprenticeship, as well as possibly graduated from a trade school.

Mechanically inclined:

Plumbers are not only tasked with working with their analytical mind to comprehend issues as they arise, as well as figuring out solutions. They’re also expected to be able to understand the mechanics of the intricate plumbing system that
they’re troubleshooting.

Safety first:

A professional plumber will always put safety first. Following all protocols to the letter and ensuring the job is done thoroughly.
5. Being in good shape: Though not required, it’s always a good sign that your plumber is in relatively good shape. Plumbers will frequently find themselves in situations that are physically laborious. If it’s working on top of a roof, kneeling down uncomfortably under a low sink, or any other cramped spaces.


Any good professional understands the importance of punctuality. Being on time is not only associated with their work attitude but as well as their customer service.

Coordination skills:

As mentioned before, plumbers often work in confined spaces and have to use tools while in these spaces. It’s important to find a plumber with coordination to ensure the job gets done safely and correctly.

Problem-solving skills:

Critical thinking and problem-solving is a good skill to have in any trade, but especially so in plumbing. Plumbers need to have the ability to assess the current situation and evaluate options in a timely manner.

Communication skills:

A good plumber will not only listen attentively to get a better understanding of the current problem, but they should also be able to easily communicate the nature of the problem in layman’s terms and the recommended solutions.

Dedicated to the craft:

A professional dedicated plumber will exhibit all of the 9 qualities listed above. They are not only dedicated to the customers that come in but the quality of the work that they provide.

Solutions Plumbing & Home Improvement Inc holds all ten of these qualities in high regard and strives for customer satisfaction on every job. You can count on this family-owned and operated business to provide a solution for all your plumbing needs.